Space Saving TRAVEL Bag Set of Three (3)

Space Saving TRAVEL Compression Bags Set of Three (3)
(EZ Roll or Press Compression Bags for 1-2 Persons

Set Includes 1-Large (20" x 28") and 2-Medium (16" x 20") Bags.

Ideal for travel suitcase, hand carry, RV's, morotcycles or home storage.

Simply place clothing and items in bag, zip close and compress by rolling or pressing down on the bag. You have created extra space in suitcases, carry-on, and home storage areas. No Vacuum System Required!  Protect valuables from insects, dust, and moisture. Airtight and Waterproof space saving compression bags.


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Just Pack, Zip, and Compress for added Space!
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  • Item #: SKT3P12
  • Manufacturer: Misumaru
  • Condition: New
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Price $11.99

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