FLAT Space Saving Bag Set of Five (5)

Space Saving Flat (side-load) Bags Set of Five (5)
(Vacuum compresson for underbed storage

Set Includes 2-Jumbo (43" x 35") Bags + 3-XLarge (41" x 28") Space Saving Vacuum Bags.

Ideal for blankets and clothing that you vacuum and store under bed, attics basements and  low profile areas.

Simply place articles in bag, zip close and vacuum with any standard vacuum system. Notice how bag compresses flat and airtight. You have created extra space for home storage areas. You also protect valuables from insects, dust, mold and moisture. Airtight and Waterproof space saving Vacuum bags.


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space vacuum bags pack zip vacuum pack clothing and blnakets creating 3 times more space underbed, closets, and storage compartments.
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  • Item #: SKF5P13
  • Manufacturer: Misumaru
  • Condition: New
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Price $18.99